Are You Making These Deadly
Social Media Mistakes?

What You Must Do To Avoid Them 

As online marketers, we all recognize the importance and even necessity of Social Media. 

It's one of the best ways to generate free or paid traffic to your site, build brand awareness, generate leads and sales . . .

. . . and so much more. 

In fact, there's really no way around having multiple Social Media accounts these days. It's that important --  and that useful.

So What's The Problem?

It needs constant feeding. You've got to be constantly coming up with content, constantly searching for something new to post.

When I say constantly, I mean constantly:

Experts say it's not too much to post several times a day. And one online Social Media posting software suggests:

  • Twitter – 3 times per day
  • Facebook – up to 2 times per day
  • LinkedIn – 1 time per weekday
  • Google+ – up to 3 times per day
  • Pinterest – 5x per day, or more
  • Instagram – 1.5 times per day, or more
  • Blog – 2x per week

Holy Cow!

That's a LOT of content to come up with! You'd need an entire team of creative folks to manage all that.

The truth is, most people without that team of social media posters feel they're good posting several times a week, ideally once a day -- but that's still a lot of content to create, or find, or steal.   

And when you have that much pressure on you to perform, it's easy to make mistakes picking the best content to post. Sometimes -- maybe too often -- you grab anything.

What Can You Do About It?

After all, there are only two basic choices -- 
Text or Graphics

TEXT and Links
Choice #1 - Your Own Comments and Links

Obvioulsy, the best choice for promoting you and your business, especially if they're links to your website. 

Choice #2 - Others' Comments and Links 
You can also link to other sites of interest to your audience or share others' posts, but unless you're an affiliate, you're not in business to promote other businesses. 

Mistakes To Avoid: Not enough creativity and variety, not frequent enough, not sharable enough. 

Choice #1 - Content From Others 

We all share lots of interesting things we find on our own feeds -- videos, memes, graphic quotes, gifs -- all very, very popular.

These are usually very attention-getting (they got your attention and share, didn't they?) and the kind of thing more often shared than website links. 

But again -- how much do you want to promote others' content? Your friends and followers are looking for YOUR fresh ideas. 

Mistakes to avoid: Tired, warmed over visual content, some of it downright ugly or unprofessional-looking. Poor or questionable taste. 

GRAPHICS Choice #2
Your Own Original Graphics

A great option! Everybody loves quote graphics, memes and gifs -- the best option for sharing IF they're high quality.

But gee, where the heck are you going to get great, high-quality graphics? You can buy them -- but too often they're either really ugly or boring and banal.

Too, there's not much choice. If you Google "buy social media graphics," you mostly get articles about software to make your own graphics. Not all that helpful if you need a DFY solution.

Mistakes to avoid: Over optimism -- Do you really have the time to devote to learning the software, selecting quotes, creating each graphic? Do you have the talent (and yes, it does take some talent)? If you do it yourself, what part of your business will get neglected? What could you be doing to MAKE money instead?

How About Something Completely Different, 
Somethig Done For You Instead?

Admit it: You DON'T have time to create your own graphics, and you DON'T have the luxury of either ignoring Social Media or screwing it up by:

- posting too infrequently,
- insufficient creativity,
- boring or banal visual content,
- warmed over "me too" graphics cribbed from others,
- unprofessional or poor quality design.

One that's affordable


MemeSpree Viral Quotes

A Package Of 30 Fabulous Quotes
As A New Form Of Social Media Graphics:
Animated Quotes

These aren't just any ole quotes thrown together as graphic memes like you see everywhere else.

First, the quotations are carefully selected for appropriateness and mass appeal. Then well-suited royalty-free images and/or video are chosen, and animations added as appropriate for the images. Then, finally, the text is added as kinetic (animated) text, and the whole project gets rendered first as mp4s, then gifs.

This is far more effort than goes into the usual package of quotes. But more than that, the animations make them stand out to the max.

 Here Are Just A Few Examples

This Entire Incredible Package
Just $9.97

  • These High Engagement, High Allure, Incredibly Shareable Gifs
    will be a hit in your social media accounts. And they include quotes you don't see everywhere.
  • Rendered In The Hot New Square Format
    Ideal for Instagram, Facebook, etc. and perfect for mobile users (and there are more and more mobile users these days - in fact, 91% of social media users are accessing social channels via mobile devices)
  • Your Followers Will Love These High Quality, Attention-Getting GIfs And Share Them Widely
    They haven't seen anything like this - yet. This new animated style of Viral Quotes will dominate regular static quote memes you see today. YOU can be first on your block to start using them!
  • You'll Save Time and Energy Coming Up With Great Visual Content
    The most taxing thing you'll have to do with MemeSpree is make the hard decision of which one to post next, and a handy cheat sheet (inventory list) is included in the package to help with that.
  • Something For Everyone
    The MemeSpree quotes in this package are not only fresh, they run the gamut from uplifting and inspirational, to motivational (good for business use but usually great for personal as well), to thought-provoking, to zany and just plain good fun, delivering a much needed laugh.  
  • Save Money With The Incredible Bargain Pricing 
    If you post one of these a week, you'll have a 30-week supply. If you post 2 a week, you're good for 15 weeks. And if you post 5 a week, you've got it made with interesting, attention-getting visual content for an entire 6 weeks. At roughly 33 cents per gif, that's quite a bargain (and you'll find even more in the Bonus Package!).
  • BRANDED (Pro) Version Available With Commercial License 
    Giving you maximum branding impact and punch! 
  •  Terrific Bonus Package Expands Value
  • Developer / Resell Rights License Available As An Upgrade

Visual content is more than 40
times more likely to get shared
than other types of content.

GIFS are second only to videos 
for driving results and clicks
from social media!


Special Offier
MemeSpree Pro

Smart Marketers will recognize the extraordinary value of having their MemeSpree VIral Quotes branded with their logo or URL.

MemeSpree Basic

  • 30 Animated Quotes as Gifs
  • Personal and Commercial Use License
  • Excel and CVS List of Quotes
  • Fabulous Bonus Package

MemeSpree Animated Viral Quotes

MemeSpree PRO 

BRANDED!! The same package as MemeSpree Basic PLUS an extra set of 30 gifs customized (branded) with your logo, watermark or URL Unbeatable value.

MemeSpree PRO

What Others Are Saying

Love these!!

They are different, eye-catching, and versatile - meaning they could be useful across the niche and audience spectrum. 

 I have dozens (hundreds?) of plain old social media images, but I like these the best - and they strike me as being very sharable. 

- Dana K Cassell,
Writers-Editors Network

Patricia has done an excellent job of combining visual elements and "I haven't-seen-these-a-thousand-times" quotes! This is a great selection of animated gifs quotes that would fit the social media posting needs of almost anyone. Not only that, but because they are gifs, they can be used in emails - including signatures The creativity in this product will please you!

- Luis Centeno

Patricia has definitely created a winner with MemeSpree Viral Quotes! Whether you're looking to deliver emotion, spirit, or drive to succeed to your viewers or visitors, "Meme Spree Viral Quotes" definitely delivers. 

- Bob Rainey

These GIFs are extreme high quality and exactly what I've been looking for.

They load fast on the Facebook newsfeed and they do attract a lot of attention. Can't wait for the next package to be released.

Rick Roberts

In a sea of mundane memes this collection of animated images and matching motion text looks great. This is a graphically pleasing and attention getting set of GIF animated memes.

- Jeff Bernstein

But that's not all. Look at these top notch bonuses!

MemeSpree BONUSES !


Hooray! MemeSpree Holiday!
15 Assorted Animated Memes for the Upcoming Spring Holidays --

Mothers Day * Fathers Day
Memorial Day



A Baker's Dozen Plus
Beautiful, All New static (non-animated) Social Quote Memes -- very smart quotes rendered in high-quality graphic design.



A MemeSpree Special Report:

Viralocity: What Makes A Meme Go Viral

Learn the secret ingredients that makes memes go viral so you too can take maximum advantage of your Social Media efforts.



This fabulous WP Plugin makes your images clickable with your choice of Call To Action. Postable to any Facebook group, fan page, or timeline. 

This is must have software, worth several times the price of the entire package.



Mass Attack Social Media
Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest Training

Your passport to the sometimes mysterious world of these 4 top Social Media platforms. Even veteran Social Media marketers will find new insights and ideas in this training. 

This Entire Incredible Package
Just $9.97

Another Look At What's Included

MemeSpree Basic - 30 Animated Quotes

Bonus #1 - 20 Easter Assorted Holiday Animated Quotes

Bonus #2 - 12+ Static Graphic Quotes

Bonus #3 - Special Report: How To Make A Meme Go VIral

Bonus #4 - CTA Magic WP Plugin

Bonus #5 - Mass Attack Social Media Training










Plus Special Offer: MemeSpree Pro Package 

MemeSpree Basic

  • 30 Animated Quotes as Gifs
  • Personal and Commercial License
  • Excel and CVS List of Quotes
  • Fabulous Bonus Package

MemeSpree Animated Viral Quotes

MemeSpree PRO 

BRANDED!! You get the MemeSpree Basic PLUS an extra set of 30 gifs customized with your logo, watermark or URL. Unbeatable value at this price.

MemeSpree PRO

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Don't waste another minute. Buy now.



Are there any upsells?
Yes! In addition to the Developer/Resell license opportunity there's a Monthly Membership. Neither are required for full use of MemeSpree Basic or PRO, but both are terriffic and affordable.

Can I add watermark or logos myself?
Yes, with the Developer/Resell Upgrade you can add them to your own and clients' memes!

Do you have additional packages planned?
Yes! Future packages will be niche- and audience-tailred -- such as Women, Health and FItness, Dating and Relationships, Self-Improvement and more.

What License is included?
MemeSpree Basic and PRO both come Professional license allowing you to use them for all your own projects, both commercial and personal. The Developers/Resell License (available as an upsell) allows use in clients' projects..

Do you have a refund policy?
Of course. Should you be unhappy during the first 7 days, we'll give you a full refund.

How can I contact Support?

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